Entry Control Station

Elite Protection’s clean, tapered, and professional appearance makes us a premier security solution at your front gate, the community entry point, or just the end of your driveway. Elite Protection has capabilities to scan, verify, and store all drivers licenses to ensure accountability of every person on premise.

Elite Protection has a Tactical Operations Center (TOC) Trailer which is positioned as a manned booth and is affixed with spotlights and auxiliary lighting, a license plate reader to capture every vehicle that enters the premise, and 360 degree high definition camera coverage. With the application of the TOC and entry control security you will have the peace of mind knowing every worker, delivery, or attendee of your event has been logged.

Estate Protection

The power goes down. There is increased crime in the area. You are going on vacation. There are a variety of reasons why you would want increased security at your estate. Elite Security Protection can provide that via uniformed or discrete security presence. This includes a vehicle for your guard to maneuver and maintain presence, roving foot patrols, interior security tours, live video surveillance monitoring, and more.

Elite Security Protection can provide scalable options to provide peace of mind no matter what the situation is. Emergency response is available during natural disasters, storms, and other major events that a need for escalated security protection may be needed.

Gala Security

You may have a gala at your estate for your charity, a fundraiser for a cause you support, a holiday, or just a periodic gathering. Nonetheless, you want to ensure that nothing happens and everything remains organic to your everyday rhythm. Elite protection can provide armed, and unarmed, security teams that remain discrete and “in the wood work.” Our professionals maintain a clean and tapered appearance and dress to the occasion. Having a black-tie event? Our security detail will arrive in black-tie affair, or suits, in order to remain discrete.

Combined with interior and door security would be an entry control security team. This team, if the owner desires, could be uniformed to show that there is security measures in place at the event to unwanted guests, solicitors, and media.

The key to a successful fundraiser or gala is a sense of ease and peace of mind in every attendee. You and your guests need to be able to enjoy the event, the good company, and the entertainment for the night. With Elite Security Protection you don’t need to worry about anything besides what matters, your guests.

Construction Security

Many security agencies, including Chubb Insurance, provides a variety of discounts for services on your property. Part of these discounts may include physical security protection. Regardless, during all stages of construction, especially the move-in phase, it is crucial to keep an eye on your estate.

Elite Protection can provide uniformed services to monitor your valuables as the move-in trucks and delivery companies begin coming to your home. You may have your alarm and camera systems installed but odds are two things. First, the security system is disarmed since there are dozens of workers moving around your home to bring your belongings in. Secondly, you probably don’t have many, or any, cameras inside, so surveillance isn’t providing security to your belongings inside either. With roving patrols and Security Specialists checking trucks in and out of the site you can ensure that everything is being monitored and is safely stored in your house. The security can be during the work day until that guard locks the premise, or can be 24/7 while you are moving and settling in.


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