We all know that every celebrity, politician, and dignitary arrive to their meetings with a full protection detail. However, it isn’t just those in the political or Hollywood limelight that can afford protection. Elite Protection offers mobile protection, providing armed and unarmed single vehicle or convoy transportation to your meetings, flight, or business.

Armed Transportation

Not every outing has a high-risk or probability of incident. However, every outing does have some risk. Risk that can be mitigated by employing protection and analysis to your travels. Elite Security Protection offers single car or convoy transportation. Single car transportation includes an armed driver and a discrete Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) that has tinted windows.

Tinted windows are a safety feature that are not only for keeping a car cool inside. Tinted windows provide discretion during transportation and also don’t allow someone on the outside to see who is where in the vehicle. This prevents any unwanted persons from seeing who is located where in the vehicle so they cannot setup where to approach from or take any pictures. In result, media and other solicitors are no longer an issue as you drive to your destination.

Executive Protection

Executive Protection is a holistic package of security. Executive Protection does not only include armed transportation but includes an assessment, advanced party, and the main protection team. Even if threats aren’t made explicitly or actively to an executive, those with high net worth, in the light of the media, or in elite positions are of higher probability of unsolicited engagement than others. Elite Security Protection provides clients with peace of mind in their every travels. We coordinate with necessary law enforcement, local security, and other necessary agencies to ensure a smooth transition from incoming transportation to the event location and all the back to your door step.

Elite Protection ensures discretion in their executive protection teams. When needed the advanced party (ADVON) arrives on location to ensure the preliminary reconnaissance of all paths and routes is still current. The ADVON alerts the team when the area is officially secured and ready for receipt of the executive. The team leader travels with the executive at all times. The team leader is responsible for communicating any changes to the executive while managing the operation via his escort, ADVON, and protection team leaders.

Executive protection is a scalable security detail. If an executive is conducting everyday travels, or does not need a full team including convoy escort, protection team, and advon, the executive protection team can be scaled to the size and needs of the executive to maintain discretion and ease without sacrificing security.


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