When you buy a house you look at everything, roofing, foundation, pipes, full inspections, and more. If you built your house you had architects, inspectors, contractors, and specialists for every portion of the project. However, did you ever take a good holistic view of your properties security?

Just because your property has only one driveway doesn’t mean that is the only way in. A “high speed avenue of approach” is a term used in the United States military to describe and means that provides the path of least resistance to gain entry to a location. Once they are on the property the next step is gaining entry to your home, and ultimately it is a matter of are you protected.

Avenues of Approach

A specialist from elite can visit your property and takes a look at the surrounding area, local roads, trails, and other means to analyze the most likely avenue of approach a burglar would take to get to your home. There is no one way any burglar or offender may take to get to their final destination but after an on-site consultation a security specialist can provide insight into the path(s) of least resistance and measures to take to mitigate the risk of intrusion.

Automated Security Infrastructure

Security Companies, generally speaking, do a great job at installing and selling security systems. Are you sure that the salesmen looked at the big picture when providing a proposal of a system?

With backgrounds in law enforcement, military operations, security, and automated security, Elite Protection Specialists will come to your estate and look at all security from every angle. We do not just think “how can we keep the perpetrator out,” but must also think as if we are on the opposing side with “How would I get in to this estate?” Further, we will look at if the system provides a legitimate level of protection to you and your family without limiting the use of windows, doors, and other home features you want to use.

Following an on-site consultation you can go to your security provider with the assessment and get your systems to a level of security that allows you to never worry about the integrity of your home’s safety again.

Perimeter Security Infrastructure

For some estates, infrared perimeter security systems are what you need. However, for many, it is not. That does not mean that you need to limit the effectiveness of security measures on your property. How can the perimeter of your property be more secure? It may be as simple as fencing, or perimeter lighting, or a little more technical like thermal or closed circuit surveillance. Either way, an Elite Protection Specialist includes perimeter security in their thoughts as they provide on-site security consultations.


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