About Us

The Elite Difference

Our training is what sets us apart

  • Our guards are not only former professionals in public safety professions but are continually trained on a variety of things.
  • Trained by former law enforcement, Special Forces, and other agencies Elite Protection Guards are actually prepared to keep you safe, no matter what the situation.
  • Training includes Emergency Vehicle Operations Course Driving, Executive Protection, Active Shooter Training.

About Elite Security

Elite Security Protection is owned and operated out of Valhalla, New York. The founders of Elite Security Protection feature backgrounds in Law Enforcement, United States Armed Forces, and Security.

Michael Snow, the President of Elite Protection, comes from a background in former law enforcement with Westchester County and Private Investigation. He has a keen ability to assess a property for gaps in physical and automated security and provide proposals to tighten security and surveillance to protect your estate and give you and your family the peace of mind you desire.

Justin Snow has trained with special response units, worked alongside law enforcement units, and is an officer in the United States Army. His training and career path has led him to plan and execute operations scaling from personnel rosters of 15 to over 500. He is trained in maneuvers to secure a site or area and employ personnel in a known, or discrete, presence to ensure your event, visit, or move-in occurs without incident.

All employees of Elite Security Protection are physically fit to be able to provide fast and appropriate mediation to any situation and ensure that are able to meet the demands of any security detail. Further, all specialists provide a clean and tapered appearance to not attract any attention to themselves and maintain the level of elegance and professionalism to your event.